Pest Control – Flying Termites And How To Get Rid Of Them

pest control prices ironbarkWith the winter comes rains and colder weather, and with that comes flying termites possibly swarming into your property. And as most know finding termites in or around your property is never a good thing. It may be an indication that they are already inside your house or they are searching for a possible good location to create a new colony. Whatever their situation is, it is still not a good thing to find them around your home.

What are flying termites?

They are actually often mistaken as flying ants and they are often ignored by homeowners because they do not cause much of a problem. However, if they are flying termites, your home will have a much bigger problem because they are the reproductive stage of termites. These are the male and female termites that are searching for a new home to create a new colony.

These flying termites are different from flying ants as they have a straight-sided waist unlike the constricted waist of ants. They also have four equal sizes of wings and straight antennae.

These termites mostly fly after big rains and during warmer weather. Since Australian winter is not that known for its harsh winters, you may be able to find swarmers that are searching for ways to get inside your property.

How to get rid of flying termites?

Since these flying termites or alates are mostly attracted to warmth and light, make sure that you give them just that outside your home by placing zappers. Make sure the zapper is the only light source in proximity that they find and leave it on for the night to effectively get rid of them.

In the case that these alates are still pestering your home even if you have tried to get rid of them on your own, contact an expert in pest control right away so that they can see if your home has an ongoing termite infestation. They will be able to identify if termites have already invaded your home and get rid of them effectively.