How To Know If You Have Termites In Your House

pest control prices collingwood parkThere are different kinds of termites which could cause problems to your home, Drywood, Subterranean and Dampwood. If you are confused which ones you have, you can simply check through their droppings, the hollow they made in your furniture and the accumulation of their wings.

Termites are not easy pests to deal with since they can stay inside the wood hidden and out of your site. You will just find that they are there when the damage becomes visible. You need an effective pest control to get rid of them.

How to know if you have termites in the house?

Termites are very small creatures and may even be difficult to spot. They are measured to be anywhere around 4 to 15 mm in length. Termites can even be confused with ants at times. To know if you have them, heck for miniscule fecal droppings which looks like mini pellets. You should also search for shed wings that came from swarmers and hollowing of wood type units.

If you are still unsure whether you have termites in the house, you can call your pest control agent as they know where these pests are and if they have already made an infestation.

What to do in case of an infestation?

While termites eat wood slowly, they will greatly multiply in numbers in no time creating one colony after another. And before you know it, they have made your entire wall their meal. You can get rid of termites by doing immediate and temporary mitigations. Get rid of mud, dirt and moisture to all visible wood. You can also get any pest treatment product or soil-applied liquid termiticide and apply it in areas where wood is affected

And of course, ask your pest control professional for help since they will be able to get rid of the termite infestation and make your home safe again from them.

Keeping The Pests Away From Your Home

There’s nothing quite as frightening as discovering that your precious home is being invaded by pests & bugs that can wreak havoc & destroy your belonging or worse still – the foundations & structure of your house.

We all know the saying “prevention is better than a cure”, so our local pest control expert has generously offered some tips & advice on how to handle those pesky bugs.

Outdoor Plants

Take a good look around your home at any trees or plants that may be making contact with your home. You should definitely trim any plants that are touching the house. Also, keep an eye out for any mulch or wood chips or other plant based material that is in your gardens & touching the walls of your home. You should consider using rock or another material to border any gardens etc that make direct contact with the home.

Your Rubbish

Pests are often attracted by rubbish that’s been left lying around the outside of the house, & even food scraps from an outdoor meal. Be diligent in cleaning this up.

Interior Cracks

Many homes will have some sort of cracks in the plasterboard or wall material. Inspect this throughout the entire home – if you find cracks that are more than 5-6mm wide, you should have these patched or repaired. Bugs will find their way inside the home through these areas.

Drains & Pipes

Just about every floor or sink drain in the home will accumulate debris & foreign matter over time. Regularly cleaning drains with Drain-o or a similar product may help prevent insects from using your drains as a breeding ground.

It won’t take long to inspect these different areas of your home, & most of these issues can be easily rectified. Be sure to check out your home this week & see if you can keep those pests at bay!