Pest Control – What To Do To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes?

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Mosquitoes mostly strive in warm environments and will establish breeding ground where water is present. They will mostly lay almost 400 eggs which will just take only a few weeks to hatch. Mosquitoes are great with breading that they can easily create infestations which would make your outdoor experience a dangerous journey.

These insects can cause diseases and can be hazardous as millions of lives are lost because of them. If you suspect that you have a mosquito infestation, find a pest control specialist right away.

Why do you need to remove their breeding grounds if you find them?

Mosquitoes are the main cause of various viruses such as Zika virus, West Nile virus, malaria, encephalitis, yellow fever and dengue. Mosquito infestation can become serious especially when they spread their borne diseases by injecting our skin and accessing our blood.

If your home is near standing water like a pond, a slow-moving creek or a place where the movement of water is too low, then you may have to always check your perimeter since these places are the perfect place for this insect to thrive.

How to get rid of mosquitoes?

To control mosquitoes, it is more effective to repel them than actually killing them. When repelling these insects, wear a repellent that has DEET to minimize the risk of being bitten. Also, if the temperature is about 50 degrees outside and you know the mosquitoes will be out soon, make sure to wear some form of repellent.

Of course, you will also need a long-term plan in removing mosquitoes from your property such as removing their breeding ground. Always remove standing water and create a better drainage system in your yard.

Signs Your Home Is Infested With Carpenter Ants

pest control quote purgaCarpenter ants are mostly beneficial when they are in their natural habitat, but if they are on your property, they can be pretty destructive. Their main task when they are in their nest is to help decompose fallen trees and old stumps.

When a colony of carpenter ants start making their way to your home this supposed to be helpful colony becomes a nuisance since they will now be destroying part of your home that could end up for you paying for repairs. You will need pest control treatment for ants.

How do you know if your home is being attacked by carpenter ants?

Carpenter ants are not meticulous on where they will set up their colony as long as you provide them with the right environment with moisture. They can stay in stumps, doors, baseboards, window frames, basements, attics, fence posts, and so on. They can create elaborate tunnels to expand their colonies. If you are not careful enough and allow them to infest, they can make serious structural damage.

Carpenter ants mostly rely on areas where moisture is present. Search for signs of frass or worker ants. You will notice that these worker ants are mostly active at night as they forage for food.

Once you have found their nest, you can also eliminate them by using natural bait of boron compounds. Place it in the food which the worker ants can carry. Once they bring it back to the nest, the ants who ate the borate will die together with the queen ant thus destroying the colony.

However, if you want to destroy the colony effectively and quickly, you can contact your local pest control specialist as they have the means to identify where the colony is exactly residing and eliminate them entirely. While ants are very difficult to get rid of permanently but with the help of the pros you don’t have to deal with those large colony at all.